About Atelier Turquoise

Meet the designer behind Atelier Turquoise Ceramics

A mother-and-daughter story about a passion for color & craftmanship.

Atelier Turquoise is a story about family and a passed-on love for colors. A mother and daughter’s hunt for unique combinations of one-of-a-kind decorative items and tasteful tableware.

Ceramic artist Kristien De Ridder has always had an eye for the beauty surrounding her. Browsing fabric and antique shops, interior and fashion stores on the lookout for original objects and inspiration is one of her favorite activities. Color is her middle name. There is nothing she loves more than finding a unique and surprising color combination.

The love for ceramics grew later in life. She discovered this passion at a friend’s house who taught her all about the possibilities of ceramic clay. When her daughter Charlotte saw her one-of-a-kind designs, she instantly knew this was something that had to be shared.

Charlotte takes up the communication part of the Atelier Turquoise story. She is a fashion and interior stylist with a heart for deco and of course, colors. Together their main goal is to bring a feeling of warmth and happiness to people’s homes through their designs.

Charlotte is the host of the Atelier Turquoise guesthouse located in a stunning avenue in Gent. Interior styling is a new chapter added to the Atelier Turquoise brand: invite us in your home and we’ll add touches of warmth & coziness!

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