Frequently Asked Questions


how are Atelier Turquoise ceramics made?

Each design is made by hand by our ceramist Kristien. It is molded, dried, glazed and baked twice at our atelier in Ghent.

what do you mean by “each piece is unique?”

Each design is made by hand and is therefore unique, because it isn’t part of an industrial process. Our ceramist Kristien never makes the same design twice. By designing new pieces every time, she is at her most comfortable and most creative. It’s like a painter, who never makes two of the same paintings!

Where do you ship the items?

We currently ship to Belgium, The Netherlands, France, Luxembourg and Germany. Do you live somewhere else? E-mail us and we’ll see what we can do, but please be aware that international deliveries are expensive.

Can I see the items in real life before I buy them?

Yes! You can stop by our showroom in Ghent. Send us an e-mail and we will arrange an appointment.

How much is the shipping cost?

€ 4,50 for every order.

Can I return my order?

No, we’re sorry. Every sale is final. But we are pretty sure you will like it!

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