A stroll through Ghent’s Station Quarter

A stroll through Ghent’s Station Quarter

The neighbourhood located around the Sint-Pieters station is mainly a residential area with lesser known places to discover. The quarter is home to Ghent’s oldest park, two museums and streets full of architectural gems ; built before and after the World Exhibition in 1913.


Parklaan, Fortlaan and Kunstlaan are grand avenues full of art-nouveau gems. The guesthouse is right in the middle of this stunning neighborhood. Admire the great architecture and combine it with a walk in the gorgeous Citadelpark.

The Citadelpark stands on the site of a massive fortress built by the British after the battle of Waterloo. The fortifications were torn down in 1898 to create a romantic park, including a mysterious grotto, a bandstand, a dog shelter, romantic avenues and an open-air theatre.

Art lovers should visit SMAK museum, which always hosts surprising exhibitions, and the Museum of Classical Arts (MSK). They are both located in the beautiful Citadelpark (next to the guesthouse). Jan Hoetplein 1, Fernand Scribedreef 1

The Botanical Garden of the university, located in the Citadelpark,  has a fascinating collection of 7000 species from all over the world, along with an Alpine garden, tropical greenhouses and a romantic lake. Ledeganckstraat 35

De Smet De Naeyerpark and the surrounding neighbourhood called ‘Miljoenenkwartier’ or Million’s quarter is where every art deco lover’s heart starts pounding.  Several local architects created distinctive villas for Ghent’s elite, in the 1920s on the site of the 1913 World Fair.

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